January 8, 2018

Here's to a new year and: new yogis! Below are some top tips to gear you up before, during and after your first yoga practice. Calm those nerves with these top tips, and walk into your first class with confidence.



Drink water throughout the day, giving your body time to absorb H20 and hydrate properly. If you're like me and have the world's tiniest bladder, you might consider limiting your water intake thirty minutes before class. 


Avoid a heavy meal 2-3 hours before class. Try these light snacks instead, your stomach will thank you. 

  • Oatmeal with berries

  • Quinoa or low fat yogurt with sliced apples

  • Hydrating smoothie (think spinach, kale, mango or pineapple with coconut water)

  • Rice...

January 1, 2018

"Follow your Gut", my fellow yogi advises me after confessing my predicament: spend my NYE drinking with friends, or ring in 2018 with 108 sun salutations. I know what my gut was telling me: return that sparkly black dress and tell society's standards (that a 24 year old should be out having "fun" on NYE) - to buzz off. 

I'd say that two hours of yoga synced to Prince and Whitney Houston was more than fun. It was what my entire 2017 has been leading up to. 2017 was the year of stripping me to my core in the best way possible. It was allowing strangers to see my face make-up free. It was dripping in sweat in a 90 degree yoga studio week after week. It was the year of training: when I intended to deepen my yoga practice, but starte...

December 7, 2017

Struggling with your work-life-kids-health-Netflix balance? I think I've found the solution: yoga retreats.

More often than not, I return home from vacation craving another break: a vacation from my vacation. But, I've just discovered the brilliant truth that vacations just aren't enough. Rather, it's the magical disconnect from the outside world that my soul has been longing for.

Anyone who shares this longing will benefit from a yoga retreat. Here are just a few retreat wonders that I discovered at the recent "Dream Yoga Retreat with MC YOGI and 10,000 Buddhas" at Sansara in Cambutal, Panama.

Personal Time Outs

Relaxing massages in an outdoor shala, poolside margaritas, and long beach strolls. Or, if you're like me you might dri...

August 5, 2017

When Mother Nature turns on the heat, you'll find many yoga students taking their practice outside of the studio. 

What are the benefits of outdoor exercise and should you be joining in on the fun?

Cleaner and Cheaper Than the Gym

Ever walked into a gym and taken a giant breath of musty air? Yeah, me too. According to the EPA, indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. We spend most of our days trapped inside, breathing recycled air. It's important to take our workout outdoors and take a fresh, clean breath.

The obvious advantage: it's cheaper! If you're looking to save on expenses, cutting out your gym membership might be a good money saving option. Even a 3-month break from your gym could save you hundreds of dollars.


July 27, 2017

First downward dog, now goat yoga. Yoga with furry friends is the new craze. Be sure to check out these top tips before attending your first class with baby goats.

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