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Discoveries in Cambutal

Struggling with your work-life-kids-health-Netflix balance? I think I've found the solution: yoga retreats.

More often than not, I return home from vacation craving another break: a vacation from my vacation. But, I've just discovered the brilliant truth that vacations just aren't enough. Rather, it's the magical disconnect from the outside world that my soul has been longing for.

Anyone who shares this longing will benefit from a yoga retreat. Here are just a few retreat wonders that I discovered at the recent "Dream Yoga Retreat with MC YOGI and 10,000 Buddhas" at Sansara in Cambutal, Panama.

Personal Time Outs​​

Relaxing massages in an outdoor shala, poolside margaritas, and long beach strolls. Or, if you're like me you might drink too much ocean water while attempting to surf for the first time. Whether it's your adventurous or restful side that needs tending to, you'll find an activity to suit your needs.

Your Gut will Thank You!

Retreats are the perfect kick start to healing your gut. The all-inclusive retreat at Sansara Resort included three nourshing, daily meals along with juices to cleanse the body. And the best part, no grocery lists, clean up, or dirty dishes. Best food I've ever had (don't tell mom!)

​​Renew Your Practice

Whether your typical practice involves yoga, meditation, or both, a retreat is guaranteed to help you dig deeper. Twice daily yoga for an entire week brought my practice to a whole new level. A practice that listens to my body's needs rather than my ego. And, with the guidance of new teachers I actually meditated. For a full twenty minutes I lived fully in the moment without electronic distractions. Thank you Amanda and Nick!

Meet Your Soul Friends

Yes, SOUL FRIENDS! There are like-minded souls out there waiting to connect. Halfway around the world, I met two yogis who live in my own backyard in Hartford, CT. Get this - we've even practiced at the same studio! Over the short span of eleven days, each stranger I met became a dear friend who I'll hold in my heart forever.

New Habits

A new routine focused on being rather than doing will help you ditch those bad habits. Limited wifi and paradise vibes will help you fulfill any intention. Personally, my intention was to slow down, worry less, live fully. And holy moly, standing a top this waterfall cliff, I sure was living in the moment. Heart racing, palms sweat, "I am ALIVE!" These memories travelled home with me as little reminders to be present.

Oh, and to support my new habit, I'm breaking up with two loves now that I'm home: my snooze button and bedtime Netflix.

(Photography by the most incredible Vicki at Drishti Videography and Photography)

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