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Top Tips for Yoga with Goats

First downward dog, now goat yoga. Yoga with furry friends is the new craze. Check out these top tips before attending your first class with baby goats.

Jenny the Goat at Sunset Goat Yoga

1. Watch Your Hair

Ladies and gents with long hair: pull it back! Hair is intriguing, and the goats will not hesitate to nibble. Tight braids or buns work best.

2. Take a Friend with You

Even better, bring a friend who is new to yoga! Most newbies are scared to enter a studio because they don't want to look silly or do the pose "wrong". Rest assured, in goat yoga, no one will be paying attention to you. It's all about the goats!

3. Bring Your Camera or Phone

Another reason to bring a friend, you'll need someone to snag that pic of

Yoga with Baby Goats

you when a goat jumps onto your back. Although uncommon in a typical

yoga class, selfies are encouraged during goat yoga. (Disclaimer: your phone may be chewed.)

4. Bring Snacks (for the Goats)

Contact the farm or studio ahead of time and ask permission to bring snacks. NY Goat Yoga offered animal crackers for the shy goats. Other farms offer handfuls of grains for each participant. Place the snack at the top of your mat, or on your friend's back!

5. Leave Your Newest Yoga Gear at Home

Baby goats may nibble on loose tags or clothing. Don't wear your newest Lulu leggings. Also, bring an old, worn out mat if you have one.

Goat Snuggles at Goat Yoga

(Remember: goats poop and pee, too.)

6. Slow It Down

Goats are most interactive when you're still. Try table, wheel, or low cobra if you're looking for a baby goat back massage.

7. Smile!

Bring an open mind and playful attitude. Don't walk into this class too seriously, the goats will thank you.

Photos by Victoria Boustani

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